PRaHMIS is a complete hospital automation solution developed to international standards. It is secure, affordable, easy to use and very flexible to customize to fit your organization’s exact requirements.

PRaHMIS will bring huge benefits to your hospital:

Benefits for the Owners/Investors:

Being an owner of a Hospital or Medical Center, your main objective can be to ensure the patients get best service and maximize Return on Investment (ROI). PRAHMIS provides intelligent, customized & categorized reports generated by a single click of button giving you complete & accurate information on revenue generated, expenses incurred, and daily/monthly profit & loss statements. Revenue leakages can be spotted instantly and rectified.

Benefits for the Patients:

Patient is at the core of PRaHMIS. Patient Health record is maintained in secure and centralized database, accessible only to their authorized doctors and concerned medical staff, allowing them to develop complete understanding of the patient’s current and past medical problems and make an accurate diagnosis and as result the patients get the best medical treatment cost effectively.

Benefits for the Doctors:

With online access doctors can view and manage their appointments from anywhere. With Patient Medical Record facility, doctors can see Patient’s previous treatments & allergies etc and can come up with better diagnosis.

Benefits for the Hospital Staff & the Management:

Once patient’s information is computerized in PRaHMIS, it is then just click of button to search and pull patient record, make an appointment, re-admit, schedule Operation Theater, process payments, generate invoice etc leading to tremendous performance improvements.

Hospital Management can just create cash collection reports per shift or per operator thus making cash management just so simplified.

PRaHMIS is fully supported by our team. Our support channels include support portal, email & phone. For more details please refer to our Customer Support Section

PRaHMIS has been designed and developed with customization aspects in mind. Most of the customization can be done from Hospital Configuration Module by the administrative/super user. If your organization has specific requirement then we can establish scope of the task with time and cost estimates for your approval. After approval, we start the development and regularly take your feedback.  Once the task has been completed & tested, we then integrate it to your software.

PRaHMIS is web based application which can be deployed on cloud as well as traditional web server. Also, it can be deployed on Local Area Network (LAN) and also can be run as standalone desktop application if required.

PRaHMIS has been specially designed to run on the cloud.

It is very easy to deploy. The whole deployment process has been automated. You will just need to fill in little configuration information, like your hospital name, administrative/super user credentials etc, and you are done. The installation script will do the rest.  The Installation process is fully documented in the Installation Guide & video tutorials. If you still need help our product support staff is ready to help you.

PRaHMIS is delivered under full ONE Year warranty basis. This includes fixing any issues with any of the software functionality or module free of cost in the specified warranty period.

We continuously work on the PRAHMIS, further improving existing features and adding new modules and functionalities and releasing new versions. We will inform you about new releases when available and provide you details on the newly added/improved features; if you agree then we will back-up your existing setup and proceed with upgradation. You will have the option to roll back to your previous version if you needed.

PRaHMIS has been tested thoroughly for all security risks including sql injection, unauthorized accesses and software crashes. PRAHMIS has been developed in Secure MVC Codeignitor Framework. Only authorized users can access specifically allocated modules. System Back-Up & Restore Options are provided in case of disaster, ensuring to bring the system in normal operation in few minutes.

Absolutely, We will provide you User Training Documentation with Training Videos and our Training and Support staff will provide online training sessions to ensure you are hands-on with each and every aspect of PRaHMIS. If feasible we can arrange classroom based training sessions also.

Absolutely, Please go to our Online Demo section and give it try. If you need any assistance please contact us directly by email or phone numbers in our contact section