Dr. Arshad Muhammad Khan is proud member of Roshan Specialized Hospital family.

Dr. Arshad Muhammad Khan did his MD from Tehran on Government of Pakistan Scholarship. He remained a distinctive student over there and got good name in medicine. He completed his MCPS training from LRH Peshawar. Currently he is working as a senior lecturer at Saidu Medical College.

Ongoing advances in ultrasound technology coupled with the wide availability of ultrasound and its excellent safety track record have resulted in increased clinical utility of ultrasound technology across all medical specialties and a dramatic rise in the clinical demand for ultrasound . In this changing healthcare environment, pornographers have long been recognized as experts in ultrasound imaging and are afforded considerable professional respect, autonomy and responsibility. Dr. Arshad win a good name in a short period for his excellent reporting and performing skills in Ultrasound.

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Dr. Arshad Muhammad Khan,


MD, MCPS (Sonology), Lecturer Saidu Medical College

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